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7 Ways to Recharge Your Vital Energy


We all use energy in the physical world, such as electricity to power our appliances and devices, and batteries to power vehicle engines. Energy is a common word in the realm of science, petrol oil industries, and the study of space. We have to admit that without energy (in its many forms), our present reality would be unimaginable. But so far, I’ve only been describing energy as we see and use it externally. 

Did you know that you, as an individual, are a powerhouse of vital energy? Vital energy is what fuels you and your very existence. You could safely say that you’re a bio-battery wherein you can manage your energy levels. In this fast-paced world, it’s common to hear people saying they are “burnt out”. That means they have no more energy to move on with their careers or relationships. That’s an example of a person’s energy getting depleted. So if your personal energy gets depleted, the opposite is true as well: you can recharge and replenish it.

First, we have to understand this fundamental, basic principle that your vital energy comes from within. It springs forth from your inner being. Our daily activities, jobs, and relationships can, at any time and at varying levels, either deplete or energize us.

It is quite important to pay attention to the things (or people) that drain or energize us. If you keep going through life unaware of this, you may end up continually going down the path that depletes this vital energy— which consequently affects the quality of your life.

Here are ways to keep your energy high throughout the day.

How to Recharge Your Vital Energy?

TIP # 1

Keep a daily journal. Write it down and dump it all on paper so that you don't carry it around in your head. It’s a good way to release any negativity and it’s quite therapeutic to make some doodle art or stick photos and stickers on the pages.

TIP # 2

Meditation is an age-old practice done by sages and gurus for centuries. If the ancient philosophers from the East lived inspiring lives, wouldn’t it be healthful for us to follow one of their habits — meditation? When you meditate and focus on breathing, your mind rights itself again. It helps you tune in to your being and to the universe.

TIP # 3

Get proper sleep. Establish a steady cycle where you sleep at the same time, wake up at the same time, and get the same amount of sleep each day. Proper sleep gives your body and mind the rest it needs.

TIP # 4

Align yourself with things that energize you. Begin your day with morning affirmations that feed your appetite for life and heighten your drive to reach your dream. You can try this as a start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgEvA146PiA 

TIP # 5

Stretching and exercise when done regularly will not only replenish your energy but support your physical health as well. Yoga helps you to be mindful of your physical body and grounds you in the moment. When you’re burnt out or too tired, exercising ironically triggers something in your brain and body that will switch the positive energies on. Yoga and exercise help the mind, body, and spirit at once.

TIP # 6

Think positively, always. While we acknowledge the harshness of reality, it helps to look at the brighter side of life. Stop saying things to yourself that make you weak. Use language that boosts your confidence and brings you closer to your goals. Saying and repeating negative words to yourself is actually self-prophesying. When you keep rehashing negative scripts about yourself and others, you condition your mind and body to attract that same negativity. 

While acknowledging that worst case scenarios do happen, you can start shifting your focus to more positive things. It’s great to say nice things to yourself: notice your great qualities; think about your dreams; repeat and replay positive scripts about yourself, about others, and about life. This is not to encourage living in illusion, but to train your brain muscles to anchor themselves on the brighter side of life. True, failures and tragedies happen but you can get beyond it. You’re greater than the existing darkness in your mind. Be your own cheerleader.

TIP # 7

Let nature heal and regenerate you. Make physical contact with nature. Remove your shoes and walk on the grass. Cuddle your cat or dog. Hug a tree. Caress the leaves on plants. Go to the beach and watch a sunset. Connecting with nature snaps us out of the negativity where we’re locked in.

Always remember that YOU ARE in control. Recognize when you feel drained and when you lack motivation. Rather than punishing yourself and focusing on tasks that you should be doing, pause for a minute. Reconnect with your inner compass and determine what your heart wants to do. Then, let the energy restoration begin!

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