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  • Bamboo Towels: Spas’ Latest Antibacterial Crush

    Bonus: downloadable spa card

    The use of bamboo fabric is growing globally as one of the most sought-after fabrics due to its key environmental and health benefits. With the co...

    Yes, you read the title right. There are benefits to being by yourself. And with the current Covid-19 pandemic, we can still benefit from the comm...
  • 10 Ways to Detox Your Home

    Your home is a refuge. A shelter at the end of a busy day and a familiar place we long for while travelling. However, this refuge can have dangero...
  • 7 Stoic Exercises for Inner Peace

    Inner calm is a rare quality — and a true blessing — in this chaotic world. Much of our belief system has a bearing on how we face life, handle pr...
  • The 5 most harmful toxins hiding in your home

    Did you know that indoor air has been proven to have higher concentrations of toxins that outdoor air? Or that most of the home wares we surround ourselves with contain harmful chemicals? Here is a quick yet thorough guide to the main culprits, their dangers, and easy tips to protect the whole family.

    The subject of certifications might seem dull at first but bear with us here, this stuff truly matters! When our founder Amanda first started her “toxic- free home” journey, she had no idea what was in her linens. She was so focused on cleaning and beauty products that she was blind to something she was using literally every day: her towel and sheets.