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  • Mindfulness Through Zero Waste Living

    Recently, many of us have been making frequent visits to stores and our favorite shops because of the holiday season. For most people, filling up t...
  • Why Smiling is the Next Best Medicine

    Of course we’ve heard it a number of times before: laughter is the best medicine. Kids from the 70’s up to the 80’s know that this popular magazine...
  • All About The Immune System

    The immune system is our body’s protection against harmful organisms, diseases, infections, viruses, bacteria, and other environmental threats. If ...
  • Snooze Button: Why Do We Sleep?

    You may be surprised to learn that even now, with our advanced knowledge and understanding of human physiology, science still cannot confidently an...
  • What’s the Secret to Sleeping Through Noise?

    I’m sure no one will argue the fact that sleep is essential to our survival. Not only that, sleep is crucial to enjoying wellness and a quality wak...
  • BAMBOO TOWELS: Protecting You and Planet the TOWL Way

    We care for the planet, and we know that you do, too.  That’s why TOWL is dedicated to providing you with long-lasting, functional, eco-polite towe...
  • Why Owning a Pet is Good For Your Health

    What pet do you own?  Whether it’s canine, feline, turtle, parrot, fish, hamster, rabbit, llama, lumpy dragon, or kangaroo, pet owners know how muc...
  • The Goodness of Natural Fabrics

    Is it really okay to wear pesticide-processed clothes? Eco-friendly fashion may not be trending, but it offers the wearer a lot of good rather than...
  • Expressing Mindful Living Through Natural Fabrics

    “The way we dress is destroying the world.”  –Sadhguru Do you ever wonder what happens after you've thrown away your old clothes (and even the new...
  • Top 10 Tips on How to Simplify Your Life

    “In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.” – Deepak Chopra We’ve talked at length about ...
  • Minimalism: Way to a Mindful Living - Part 1

    When you hear the word minimalism, a number of negative connotations come with it. So what is minimalism really all about? Let’s look back to thi...
  • What is Mindful Living?

    In today’s society, everyone is in a rush: people run after deadlines and deliverables at the end of the week. Managers and employees have numerous...