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We believe in toxin free, healthy, mindful living.That’s why we provide only sustainable, responsibly sourced products, always organic, free of toxins and made with long lasting quality.

TOWL is your guide in creating a sanctuary of health and wellbeing. True Organic Wise Living

Cancer in The Jungle

Bonjour! I'm Amanda, founder of TOWL, it's nice to meet you here :)


After living in a jungle in Thailand and having faced two cancer diagnoses before the age of 40, I now believe that TOWL has always been in my future. As we say in France, “Tu ne peux pas échapper à ton destin.” This means, “You can’t escape your destiny”. When a serendipitous opportunity to purchase an inventory of luxurious bamboo towels happened my way, I left a lucrative career as a film editor and took the leap. Here I am – a year later, introducing TOWL to the world.

It feels exciting and a little vulnerable.

True Organic Wise Living

TOWL is so much more than organic towels. It is a lifestyle that I have been cultivating for over 30 years. From immersing myself in silent Buddhist retreats to breaking my back and surviving a near-death experience in Africa, I have emerged from a quest for mental peace by striving to become ‘present’ with all things. The goal of TOWL is to help you on your quest for peace by making mindful choices in life.

Naked and Vulnerable

You are most vulnerable when you step out of the shower with your skin bare and your pores open. At that moment, you are fully exposed to everything around you. What do you expect from your towel? Hopefully, you don’t expect to be enveloped in a towel harboring a host of chemicals like formaldehydes and carcinogenic dyes.

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Our incredibly soft organic towels are sourced from highly renewable bamboo plants. These towels carry the highest level of GOTS and OEKO-TEX certifications, guaranteeing they are totally free from harmful substances.

Detoxing my mind, body, and home seemed overwhelming at first. With TOWL, my commitment is to guide you on this journey to mindful living slowly, but surely.

One organic item at a time. One simple wisdom at a time. And what better place to start than your towel?

TOWL is a journey of simplifying our homes, finding peace of mind, and smiling with our whole hearts, so we can live organically and open up to absorb everything around us.

Join us.

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